Faculty Members


Parham Aarabi, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Stanford)
Sound localization, microphone arrays, speech processing and recognition, adaptive and statistical signal processing, neural networks, vision.

Ravi Adve, Professor, Communications Group Chair (Ph.D., Syracuse)
Smart antennas for wireless communications, signal processing in airborne and spaceborne radar systems, model-based parameter estimation.

Stark C. Draper, Associate Professor (Ph.D., MIT)
Communications, coding and information theory, statistical inference and signal processing, optimization, security, and application of these disciplines to computer architecture.

Brendan J. Frey, Professor (Ph.D., Toronto)
Probabilistic inference, machine learning, computer vision, speech processing, bioinformatics, iterative error-correcting decoding, data compression.

Dimitrios Hatzinakos, Professor (Ph.D., Northeastern)
Digital signal processing with applications, higher-order spectral analysis, adaptive filter algorithms, statistical and nonlinear signal processing.

Ashish Khisti, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., MIT)
Information and coding theory, multimedia communication systems, signal processing for security, distributed source coding, biometric systems, peer-to-peer networks, wireless communications systems.

Frank R. Kschischang, Professor (Ph.D., Toronto)
Coded modulation, coding techniques, decoding algorithms, source coding, information theory, communication theory.

Deepa Kundur, Professor (Ph.D., Toronto)
Cyber-physical security of the smart grid, cyber-physical system theory, security and privacy of social and sensor networks, multimedia security, and computer forensics

Raymond Kwong, Professor (Ph.D., MIT)
Digital watermarking, multimedia authentication, data hiding and security, adaptive signal processing, fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control.

Alberto Leon-Garcia, Professor (Ph.D., USC)
Integrated services broadband networks, network resource management, high-speed wireless access, advanced switching concepts, video compression.

Ben Liang, Professor, Communications Group Graduate Coordinator (Ph.D., Cornell)
Wireless networking, mobility and resource management, mobile computing, multimedia networking, ad hoc and sensor networks, information assurance.

Jörg Liebeherr, Professor (Ph.D., Georgia Tech)
Network protocols, service guarantees, traffic control algorithm, network analysis, mobile networks, overlay peer networks.

Hoi-Kwong Lo, Professor (Ph.D., Caltech)
Quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, quantum computing.

Pas S. Pasupathy, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., Yale)
Coding and modulation, wireless communications, adaptive and statistical signal processing, detection and estimation, VLSI and communication algorithms.

Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Professor (Ph.D., Florida Tech)
Multimedia signal processing, adaptive systems, pattern recognition, detection and estimation, communications systems.

Elvino S. Sousa, Professor (Ph.D., USC)
Spread spectrum systems, packet radio networks, mobile communications, indoor wireless communications, personal communication networks, wireless LAN's, error control techniques.

Shahrokh Valaee, Professor, Associate Chair - Undergraduate Studies (Ph.D., McGill)
Quality-of-Service (QoS) provisioning in high-speed networks, traffic scheduling, differentiated services (DiffServ), Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), self-similarity and traffic modeling, and video streaming over the Internet .

Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos, Professor, Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (Ph.D., Yale)
Multimedia systems, digital signal/image processing, digital communications, neural networks and fuzzy reasoning in signal/image processing.

Wei Yu, Professor (Ph.D., Stanford)
Digital communications, information theory, coding, modulation, equalization, OFDM, multiuser communication, network information theory, broadband access networks, wireless cellular networks, digital subscriber lines (DSL).


Adjunct and Status-only Faculty Members

Dimitri Androutsos (status-only)
Min Dong (status-only)
Yves Lostanlen (adjunct)
Stergio Stergiopolous (adjunct)


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