Shah-Rokh VALAEE



  Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies

  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  University of Toronto

  10 King's College Road,

  Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 3G4


  • I am a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, and currently serve as the Associate Chair of the Department for Undergraduate Studies. I am a member of the Communications group, and my research is on Signal Processing and Wireless Networks. In signal processing my research focuses on indoor localization where GPS signal is not available. I am also interested in next generation wireless networks. I am also interested in Big Data and Machine Learning, and Security and Privacy in Localization.

   Our Research


      Localization of Wireless Terminals


  • We have developed an accurate location estimation technique for indoor environment using compressive sensingThe proposed algorithm has been developed on HP PDA and Android devices and tested in Bahen Centre at the University of Toronto, Bayview Village shopping mall in North Toronto, and the Canadian National Institute for Blind (CNIB). Currently, we are using machine learning for location estimation. 
  • See our demo here. [very large file] and our patents:
    • S. Valaee, C. Feng, and A. W. S. Au, "System, Method, and Computer Program for Anonymous Localization," US 14/576,586.
    • S. Valaee and C. Feng, "System, method and computer program for dynamic generation of a radio map for indoor positioning of mobile devices," US 13/927,510.
    • S. Shahidi and S. Valaee, "Indoor localization using crowdsourced data," US 14/745,873



   Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


  • My recent research is focused on Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). I am specially interested in Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor networks. Currently, we are working on multiple interesting projects on Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE). 





    Wireless and Internet Research Laboratory (WIRLab)


  • WIRLab is a quarter million dollar facility dedicated to wireless and internet research  at the University of Toronto. The current research direction in WIRLab is on IoT Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks, and 5G Cellular Networks, addressing the needs of the next generation wireless networks. Our research investigates both analytical approaches to network performance studies and implementation aspects. The researchers in WIRLab have strong analytical background and are involved in realization and engineering of novel networking solutions.


   Please visit Wireless and Internet Research Laboratory (WIRLab) for details.