This page highlights some of the undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Communications Group academic staff. The information is intended to give an idea of the breadth and depth of instruction we provide and is not to be used officially as a current list of courses available from the Group. For official course availability information, please refer to the appropriate undergraduate and graduate course calendars.

Undergraduate Courses

ECE190 Discrete Mathematics
ECE216 Signals and Systems
ECE302 Probability and Random Processes
ECE316 Communication Systems
ECE351 Probability and Random Processes
ECE355 Signal Analysis and Communication
ECE361 Computer Networks I
ECE416 Communication Systems
ECE417 Digital Communication
ECE431 Digital Signal Processing
ECE461 Internetworking
ECE462 Multimedia Systems
ECE464 Wireless Communication
ECE466 Computer Networks II
ECE496Y Design Project

Graduate Courses


ECE1500 Stochastic Processes
ECE1501 Error Control Codes
ECE1502 Information Theory
ECE1505 Convex Optimization
ECE 1506 Communications and Signal Processing - Seminar I
ECE 1506 Communications and Signal Processing - Seminar II

Multimedia/Signal Processing

ECE1511 Signal Processing
ECE1512 Digital Image Processing and Applications
ECE1514 Spectral Analysis and Array Processing
ECE1515 Smart Antennas
ECE1516 Visual Data Engineering
ECE1517 Biometric Systems
ECE1518 Seminar in Identity, Privacy and Security

Data Communications

ECE1520 Data Communications I
ECE1521 Statistical Communication Theory
ECE1522 Data Communications II
ECE1523 Coded Modulation
ECE1528 Special Topics in Data Communications -- Multiuser Information Theory
ECE1529 Adaptive Systems for Signal Processing and Communications
ECE1530 Multi-User Detection
ECE1531 Quantum Information Theory

Communication Networks

ECE1540 Digital Telephony
ECE1541 Communication Networks I
ECE1542 Communication Networks II
ECE1543 Mobile Communication Systems
ECE1544 Optical Communication Networks
ECE1545 Bridges and Routers
ECE1547 Content-Based and Network Security
ECE1548 Advanced Network Architectures

Special Topics

ECE1508 Special Topics in Communications: Probabilistic Inference and Machine Learning

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