Useful On-line Resources


Computing Instructions for the Communications Group

UofT On-line Library Resources

  • UofT Library Home Page -- includes maps to help you located the different libraries on campus, library resource and service links to help you with your research, and current library news
  • UofT Library Resource Page -- includes databases of electronic abstracts used to find papers on selected research topics, citation indices, and links to on-line papers which can be directly downloaded electronically (as opposed to photocopied from the library)
  • University of Toronto Library Catalogue (UTCat) -- helps with locating books and periodicals in any one of the many UofT libraries, and allows on-line book renewal and status check of fines and books on hold

Links to Information on Popular Simulation Software

Inevitably as a student in the Group, you'll have to use a software package to help verify your theoretical or logical hypotheses. The following list of links is for on-line software help/manuals that may be of use.

Latex Tutorials, Manuals and General Information

Linux Resources

Mathematics Dictionary

Writing Resources

Patent Information

On-line Dissertations

Please e-mail the webmaster (liang at comm) if you would like to add any items to this list.
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