Toronto Networking Seminar

Service Oriented Architectures
for Research and Education Networks

Bill St.Arnaud

Date:  October 21,  3pm
Location: BA1210 (Bahen Center)


Research and education networks may be entering an exciting new development where we soon may be able to deploy Research and Education Services Networks (RESN's) which provide infrastructure where Web Services can be securely published, reused, and invoked based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Standards. The CA*net 4 network is a prototypical example as it provides end users with the ability, using Web Services(WS) to provision, manage and control the routing of their own lightpaths and/or Articulated Private Networks (APNs), on a common network substrate without the need to signal or request services from any central network management authority or server. In the next phase the user Controlled LightPath (UCLP) software will be adapted to allow seamless integration of large scientific instruments and sensors into the network using web services workflow and orchestration techniques such as BPEL. It will enable service oriented architectures for research and education networks to seamlessly provide network "services" from the optical network layer right through to the research application where every element is in effect a "lego"-like building block that can be assembled by the end user in any configuration they desire. As well this talk will describe how UCLP is related to the new National Science Foundation Global Environment for Networking Investigations (GENI) which can also be incorporated with IP routed networks to provide more user control over data flows and queue management.


Bill St. Arnaud is Senior Director of Advanced Networks for CANARIE where he has overall responsibility for the CA*net 4 network