Toronto Networking Seminar

Organized by Department of Computer Science and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto

Reconciliation of Social Networking and P2P Technology

Mehdi Mani
Institut Telecom


Friday, October 9, 3pm
Location: BA 1210 


Advanced features of social networking such as content recommendation and community based environment enhance people's communications and access to the information. Along with the wave of web 2.0, plenty of social networking applications are popped out in the internet. Today, Facebook with around 300 millions users is the most visited website per day in the internet. On the other hand, P2P technologies have been very popular during last decade and accounted around 20% of the internet traffic.

Each of these two technologies can boost the performance by integrating the other one. From one side, P2P technology can help a social network to get rid of a central management system and be extended to other use cases. For instance, P2P technology can enable customised social networking services in the local areas such as conferences, expositions, meetings, stadiums and galleries where internet access is challenged.

Form the other side, P2P technology can benefit from the relationship and confidence that exist in a social network. Content dissemination and lookup in a P2P network can be significantly improved if the anonymous peers are replaced by the friends in a social network. In this talk we explore the two aspects of the reconciliation of these two network paradigm and discuss the research directions in this field.


Mehdi Mani received his Ph.D. degree from the  University of Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris-France in 2008. He is currently serving as a research scientist in the Network and Service  Architecture Lab., wireless multimedia and mobile services department at the Institut TELECOM SudParis. His research interests encompass P2P social  networking, spontaneous social networking, community based computing, mobile
community networks, P2P communication services, overlay networks, distributed algorithms, GRID and cloud computing. He is leading ITEA2 ExpeShare european project in the Institut Telecom SudParis and is the
head  of the SCOPE platform for P2P social networking. He is currently an
invited scholar visitor at Universit of McGill, department of CS.

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Shahrokh Valaee (