Toronto Networking Seminar Series 2009-2010

The Toronto Networking Seminar Series is jointly organized by Computer Science and ECE faculty with interest in all aspects of computer networking. Unless posted otherwise, the regular seminar time for Spring 2010 is at 2:10-3:00pm in BAB024 of the Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street, on the University of Toronto campus

For more information, please contact one of the organizers: Yashar Ganjali (, Baochun Li (, Ben Liang (, Jörg Liebeherr (, Peter Marbach (, Shahrokh Valaee (
Spring 2010 



Title (click on link for abstract)


January 15
(3 pm, BA1170)
Yuanyuan Yang
SUNY Stony Brook
Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks Baochun Li
January 22
Ghadam Ali Bagheri Karam
University of Waterloo
Information-Theoretic Secure Broadcasting Ashish Khisti
February 12
(3 pm)
Pin-Han Ho
University of Waterloo
A Framework of Coded Video Multicast Ben Liang
February 26
(3 pm)
Tommaso Melodia
SUNY Buffalo
Joint Routing, Relay Selection, and Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks Jörg Liebeherr
March 5
Behzad Moshiri
University of Tehran
Information/Data Fusion, Principles and Applications Shahrokh Valaee
March 11
(Thursday, 3 pm, BAB025)
Mahdi Lotfinezhad
University of Toronto
Delay Performance of CSMA policies in Multihop Wireless Networks: A New Perspective Peter Marbach
March 12 Admela Jukan
TU Braunschweig, Germany
Can IP Routing Effectively use Optical Bypass? Jörg Liebeherr
March 26   Special Session on Samples from INFOCOM'10  
April 9 Michael Rabbat
McGill University
Distributed Computation in Sensor Networks via Gossip : Faster Algorithms and a Signal Processing Application Jörg Liebeherr
April 16 Jin Li
Microsoft Research
Utility Maximization for P2P Applications and Its Application in Optimizing Multi-party Conferencing Baochun Li
April 23 Salman Avestimehr
Cornell University
Breaking the Barriers in Wireless Network Information Theory Shahrokh Valaee
April 30 David Varodayan
Stanford University
Adaptive Distributed Source Coding Ashish Khisti
May 7 Petar Djukic
Carleton University
Soft-TDMAC: A Software-based 802.11 Overlay TDMA MAC Protocol with Microsecond Synchronization Shahrokh Valaee
May 21 Hossein Pishro-Nik
UMass Amherst
Fundamental Trade-Offs and Geometric Analysis for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Shahrokh Valaee
June 11
( BA2135)
George Porter
A Hybrid Electrical/Optical Switch Architecture for Modular Data Centers Yashar Ganjali
June 29
(Tuesday, 11am, BA1180)
D. Manjunath
IIT Bombay
Computing Functions in Random Networks Ravi Adve
July 8
Atef Abdrabou
United Arab Emirates University
Sensor Networks on the Road: Delay Analysis for a Reliable Message Delivery in Sparse Vehicular Networks Ben Liang

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