Toronto Networking Seminar Series 2010-2011

The Toronto Networking Seminar Series is jointly organized by Computer Science and ECE faculty with interest in all aspects of computer networking. Unless posted otherwise, the regular seminar time for Fall 2010 is at 3:10-4:00pm in BAB024 of the Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street, on the University of Toronto campus

For more information, please contact one of the organizers: Yashar Ganjali (, Baochun Li (, Ben Liang (, Jörg Liebeherr (, Peter Marbach (, Shahrokh Valaee (

Fall 2010/Spring 2011



Title (click on link for abstract)


September 2
(Thursday, 4 pm)
Behrouz Maham
University of Oslo
Energy-Efficient Cooperative Routing in Outage-Restricted Multihop Wireless Networks Ben Liang
September 8
Farshad Lahouti
University of Tehran
Cooperative and Adaptive Hybrid ARQ: Cross-layer Design Perspectives Ben Liang

October 22, (Friday, 11am)
BA 3004

George Kesidis
Pennsylvania State University

On Network Neutrality 

Jorg Liebeherr
October 25
(Monday, 4pm)

Vikas Kumar Garg
IBM Research, India

Real Time Memory Efficient Data Redundancy Removal  Jorg Liebeherr

October 28 (Thursday,11am)

Yuval Shavitt
Tel-Aviv University

DIMES: A Distributed Internet Measurement and Experimentation System Jorg Liebeherr

November 2 (Thursday, 11am)
BA 1210

David Yau
Purdue University
Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore

Privacy Vulnerabilities of Anonymous Mobility Traces Jorg Liebeherr

December 16 (Thursday, 11am 2pm)
BA B024

Hussein Al-Zubaidy
SCE - Carleton University

Optimal Allocation of Multiple Servers to Parallel Queues With Independent Random Connectivity Jorg Liebeherr

January 7 (Friday, 3pm)
BA B024

Ashraf Al Daoud
ECE - University of Waterloo

Economics of Radio Spectrum Provision for Secondary Use Jorg Liebeherr
February 11 (Friday, 3pm) BA024


Jun (Jim) Xu

College of Computing                Georgia Institute of Technology

Worst-Case Large Deviation, Theory and Applications


Baochun Li
February 18 (Friday, 3pm) BA024

Yan Chen

ECE -  Northwestern University


Detecting and Characterizing Social Spam Campaigns


Baochun Li
March 4     (Friday, 3pm) BA024

Mohammad Hossein Manshaei

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland


Toward Achieving Location Privacy: A Game-Theoretic and Mean-Field Approach


Peter Marbach
March 18 (Friday, 3pm) BA024

Nasir Ghani

ECE Department

University of New Mexico

Network Services Scheduling for Emerging Applications


Yashar Ganjali

April 1      (Friday, 3pm) BA024


Markus Fidler      

Institute of Communications Technology, 

Leibniz University Hannover


Measurement-based Bandwidth Estimation of Networks with Random Service


Jorg Liebeherr
April 8      (Friday, 3pm) BA024 Balachander Krishnamurthy, AT&T Labs--Research
Internet Privacy: Who gathers data and how, and what can be done about it
Yashar Ganjali

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