Lyndon Chan, B.A.Sc.
M.A.Sc. Candidate
Communications Group
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto
t: 647 330-1294
o: Bahen Centre 4157

Welcome to my academic website! My name is Lyndon Chan and I am currently an MASc candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. I am co-supervised by Professors Konstantinos Plataniotis (Multimedia Lab) and Parham Aarabi (Artificial Perception Lab).

The academic focus of my undergraduate education was in "Control, Communications & Signal Processing", "Analog & Digital Electronics", and "Software", but I began to focus more on image processing and computer vision near the end of my undergraduate career.

Recent advances in computing performance and the increasingly-prevalent application of machine learning and deep learning techniques to computer vision tasksare both promising and exciting. Whereas previous researchers relied on hand-tuning their solutions, data-driven approaches can now robustly tune themselves from real-world data.

But I feel that the research community has overly emphasized the computational aspects of research while neglecting the theoretical basis. Nowadays, very little discussion centres on why a certain computer vision solution works or fails, and not only is this deeply unsatisfactory for rigorous research, it also has serious implications for security and public safety. My aim is to combine the latest machine learning techniques with traditional signal processing principles and human perception theories to form a new direction in computer vision research.

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