Thesis Opportunities for Engineering Science Students

Are you looking for an exciting undergraduate thesis experience in a vibrant research group? The Kundur Research Group at the University of Toronto has openings for undergraduate EngSci thesis students for the 2021-2022 academic year on the topic of Security of Cyber-Physical Systems.

Thesis Research Topic: Cyber-Physical System Security
INTRODUCTION. Information and communication technology is increasingly being deployed in many sectors including transportation, water management, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy systems. Their deployment has enabled the control and coordination of complex systems and has facilitated wider system awareness. However, the increased reliance on information and communication technology is accompanied by an increase in cyber vulnerability. Due to the critical nature of the operation of these systems, cyberattacks can lead to catastrophic impacts. It is imperative that research proactively identifies cyber vulnerabilities in these systems before they are exploited by attackers and develops mitigation and prevention strategies against cyber-attacks.
RESEARCH OBJECTIVES. In this thesis project, you will work on researching, applying, and developing machine learning frameworks to:

  1. Generate and predict new attack vectors that can undermine or hinder the control of cyber physical systems;
    Aid and assist the control of cyber physical systems to make it more secure.
  2. The research will be primarily be applied to transportation and energy systems.  
Students who will benefit most from this opportunity are those who have an interest in machine learning and want to experiment with applying it to cyber physical security and/or control. The students preferably would have taken a machine learning course and have experience coding with Python, Julia and/or MATLAB.

Please note that Engineering Science students from all relevant majors with a strong interest in machine learning, mathematics, communications and control are welcome to contact Professor Kundur about working on a thesis in this area:

If interested, please send an email to Prof. Kundur ( discussing why you are interested in the project along with your academic background which would include your EngSci major, a resume/CV along with a copy of your transcripts.

More information about Professor Kundur and her group’s work can be found here: