Giving a Talk:


Finally, a last piece of advice. Giving a successful talk takes a lot of effort, and more than a bit of experience. Don't get discouraged if your oratory ability is found lacking your first time out. Take seriously suggestions made by your audience, and try to improve for next time. Soon you will be an expert in the preparation and presentation of technical seminars!


Gillian Woodruff made a number of excellent suggestions that have been incorporated into this document. Thanks Gillian! I am also grateful for the comments of Glenn Gulak, Mart Molle, Rajesh Pankaj and Pas Pasupathy. Rajesh made some good suggestions for structuring the HTML version. Finally, many thanks to Eric Mah, EE class of 9T3, for his great illustrations.

These notes are presented here in a rather preliminary form to which I hope to make improvements in future. I would appreciate hearing your comments on aspects of the notes that you liked or didn't like, points that you found useful or useless, and topics you would like to see omitted or included in future revisions. Send email to -- Frank Kschischang

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