About us

Quantoss is a high-speed quantum random number generator (QRNG) prototype, which is a joint effort of Mars Innovation and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Department of Physics, University of Toronto. It generates truly random numbers from the quantum phase noise of a laser. For more information about the technology, please refer to the scientific publications: B. Qi, et al. Opt. Letters, 35, 312-314, (2010); F. Xu, et al. Opt. Express, 20, 12366-12377, (2012).

Quantoss | 10 King’s College Rd., M5S 3G4, Toronto | Canada | info.quantoss@gmail.com

Key features:

  1. 1.True randomness

  2. 2.Speed: 1 Gbits/s

  3. 3.Information-theoretically provable extraction

  4. 4.Plug&Play

  5. 5.Reliable


  1. 1.Scientific simulations

  2. 2.Lottery/gambling

  3. 3.Market analysis

  4. 4.Secure encryption

  5. 5.Quantum key distribution