Instructor Jorg Liebeherr, BA 4126, (416) 946-3403,
Office hours: Monday, 14:00-15:00 (in BA 4126) or by appointment via email.
Prerequisites The course assumes a prior course on computer networking. An undergraduate course (such as ECE 361) is sufficient, but a graduate level course is preferred.
  • There is no required textbook.
    A list of research papers is listed on the course web page.
Content: See schedule on course webpage.
  • Attend and participate in all classes.
  • Complete a course project and prepare a presentation of the project.
  • Complete assignments.
  • Complete final exam.
Assignments and course project are submitted on Quercus.
  • Class participation: 10%
  • Assignments: 30%
  • Project report and presentation: 30%
  • Final exam: 30%

Project: The course project can be an implementation or an experimentation project. An implementation project develops software for a traffic shaping and/or scheduling algorithm, and presents an evaluation of the developed software. An experimentation project conducts measurement experiments that highlight properties of traffic shaping and/or scheduling algorithms on Linux systems. The experimental platform can be Emulab (to be discussed in the lecture), virtual machines, or Raspberry Pi. All projects prepare a report of approx. 10 pages (incl. figures and references) using the following template files: template.tex, IEEEtran2e.cls.

In addition to the project report, there is a 20-min project presentation. A separate day will be scheduled for the project presentations.

The project report must be original writing. Copying text from papers or from online sources (such as Wikipedia) will be handled as academic misconduct (see Academic Integrity Resources, SGS, UofT).

For plagiarism, IEEE guidelines are applicable (Details). An essay on "Identifying Plagiarism" is available here.


  • Select topic: Feb 6,
  • Report Due: Apr 9.
Assignments: A small number of assignments will be given. All assignments are completed individually. There are two types of assignments: (1) Problem sets related to the first weeks of lectures, and (2) implementation assignments on traffic shaping and link scheduling algorithms.
Final Exam: Depending on the class size, the final exam will be a written or oral examination.










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