Course evaluation participation: 91.2% (on April 12)

Important Information on the Final Assessment

  • As previously posted, the dissemination and submission is done via Crowdmark.
  • The duration of the final is 2.5 hours, with added 30 minutes for uploading solutions to Crowdmark.
  • For students located in the time zones Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Central (Standard and Daylight), Mountain and Pacific:
    • The final will be disseminated on April 14 on 2:00pm EDT.
    • Solutions must be uploaded on April 14 by 5:00pm EDT.
    • There will be a Zoom session between 2pm-5pm for answering questions.
  • For students not located in the above mentioned time zones:
    • Please send email to the instructor ( with your time zone, and whether you are comfortable with taking the final on April 14, 2pm EDT.
    • If you cannot take the final at 2pm EDT, the instructor will arrange with you a time when to take the final.
    • The final will be scheduled after April 14, 2pm, and the final will different from the earlier given final.
  • Permitted aids for the final are:
    • Two handwritten aid sheets (standard form, only one side of each sheet can be written) or one sheet (written on both sides). Content can be any information desired, without restriction.
    • Calculator (Type 1) and a ruler.
    • No other aids are permitted.

Changes to course syllabus

These are the changes to the course syllabus, which were approved by vote with 77% in favor. Since we will do the posting and upload of the final via Crowdmark, there are a few edits after the vote was taken.


Course participation mark

Quick Information

General Information

Computer Networks II is a fourth year course for EE, CE, and Eng. Sci. students. The focus of the course is on traffic control algorithms and performance analysis of computer networks.

Text: There are typed class notes that are available from blackboard. There is no required textbook for this course.


Lecture Schedule and Readings:

Week Topics Material Reading
Week 1
(Jan 6-10)

Traffic Examples

Introduction to deterministic analysis



Class notes: Chapter 1.2

Class notes: Chapter 1.1, 1.2.4
Week 2
(Jan 13-17)
Buffered Link

Min-plus convolution

Class notes: Chapter 1.3

Class notes: Chapter 1.4
Week 3
(Jan 20- 24)
Service Curves

Min-Plus Deconvolution
Subadditive Functions

Class notes: Chapter 2.1 - 2.2

Class notes: Chapter 2.3
Week 4
(Jan 27 - 31)
Traffic Envelopes

Minimal Envelopes

Traffic Regulators (Token Bucket)

Greedy Shapers



Class notes: Chapter 2.4

Class notes: Chapter 2.5

Class notes: Chapter 2.6

Week 5
(Feb 3-7)
Min-plus Deconvolution

Performance Bounds
PPT Class notes: Chapter 3.1

Class notes: Chapter 3.2
Week 6
(Feb 10-14)

Capacity Requirements

End-to-End Delay Analysis


Class notes: Chapter 3.3

Class notes: Chapter 3.5

Class notes: Chapter 3.4
(Feb 17-21) Reading Week
Week 7
(Feb 24-28)
Link Scheduling


Quiz 1


PDF (skip pp. 10-16)

Class notes: Chapter 4.1

Week 8
(Mar 2-6)
Delay bounds for Scheduling

Fair Bandwidth Allocation

Fair Queueing


Class notes: Chapter 4.2-4.4

Class Notes: Chapter 5.1-5.3

Class Notes: Chapter 5.4-5.7
Week 9
(Mar 9-13)
Variants of Fair Queueing

Packet Scheduling in Linux


Lab S1 and Lab S2 are optional (no credit) labs related to the lecture.

Week 10
(Mar 16-20)
Variants of Fair Queueing

Min-plus System Theory

Bandwidth Estimation


Class Notes: Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.3 and Lab 4 (Part 2)

Class Notes: Chapter 7.2.1-7.2.2
Week 11
(Mar 23-27)
Introduction to Statistical Multiplexing

Probability Review

Bufferless Multiplexer


Class Notes: Chapter 7.1

Class Notes: Chapter 7.2
Week 12
(Mar 30 - Apr 3)
Bufferless Multiplexer (cont'd)

Stat. Mux. Gain (CLT)

Stat. Mux. Gain (Chernoff Bound)

Class Notes: Chapter 7.2.1-7.2.2

Week 13
(Apr 6-10)
Review and Exam Preparation Final 2010
Quiz 2 (2011)
Please send questions you want to have reviewed to instructor's email.


Labs Lab Dates Lab Report
Lab 1
Jan 23 (PRA 101)
Jan 30 (PRA 02)
Feb 5 (PRA01+PRA02)
Instructions (PDF)
Extra credit for Part 4: 10 marks (out of 100).

Matlab Sample Code:
Part 1: Lab1_Part_1.m
Part 2: Lab1_Part_2.m
Part 3: Lab1_Part_3.m

Traffic traces:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: BC-pAug89.TL.Z     BC-pAug89-small.TL
Lab 2a Feb 6 (PRA 101)
Feb 13 (PRA 102)
Feb 26 (PRA01+PRA02) Instructions (PDF)

Files for Lab 2, Part 1:

Source files for Lab 2, Part 3:
(all files should be stored in the same subdirectory "TokenBucket")

Documentation for source files for Part 3:
Lab 2b
Feb 27 (PRA 101)
Mar 5 (PRA 102)
Mar 11 (PRA01+PRA02) Instructions (PDF)
Lab 3 Mar 12 (PRA 101)
Mar 19 (PRA 102)
Mar 25
Instructions (PDF)

Files for Lab 3:
(all files should be stored in the same subdirectory "PacketScheduler":)

Documentation for source files for Lab 3:
Lab 4
Mar 26 (PRA 101)
Apr 2 (PRA 102)
Apr 8
Instructions (PDF)

Files for Lab 4, Part 1:
(all files should be stored in the same subdirectory "BlackBox":)

Documentation for source files for Lab 4, Part 1:

Black boxes for Lab 4, Part 2:
BlackBox1.jar   BlackBox2.jar   BlackBox3.jar

Skip Part 3 of Lab 4.


Date Problem set
Jan 20 (TUT 102)
Jan 22 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 1 (Solutions)
Jan 27 (TUT 102)
Jan 29 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 2 (Solutions)
Feb 3 (TUT 102)
Feb 5 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 3 (Solutions)
Feb 10 (TUT 102)
Feb 12 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 4 (Solutions)
Feb 24 (TUT 102)
Feb 26 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 5 (Solutions)
Mar 2 (TUT 102)
Mar 4 (TUT 101)
Discussion of Quiz 1
Mar 9 (TUT 102)
Mar 10 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 6 (Solutions)
Mar 16 (TUT 102)
Mar 18 (TUT 101)
Problem Set 7 (Solutions)
Starting on Mar 23, the tutorial will be streamed live (via Zoom) on Mondays at 3:10pm, and a video of the tutorial will be posted. The Wednesday tutorial will be offered as a Q&A session on Piazza.
Mar 23 Problem Set 8 (Solutions)
Mar 30 Problem Set 9 (Solutions)
Apr 6 Problem Set 10 (Solutions)










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