Lab report submission


  • Labs can be completed individually or with one lab partner. Groups of more than two students are not accepted. Only one submission is needed if you submit with a lab partner.
  • Lab reports are submitted via Quercus.
  • Late submissions of lab reports are penalized by 20% of the total grade per day.
  • Please follow these guidelines for preparing your lab reports:
    1. Submit a single ZIP file with the following file name:
      {lab number}_{student number 1}_{student number 2}.{extension}, for example:
    2. The ZIP archive contains the lab report and (if requested) source code.
    3. The lab report consists of a single PDF document.
    4. Make sure that your name and student number are on the title page of the lab report
    5. Parts and sections of the lab report should be clearly numbered.
    6. Any external material (e.g. from the the web) must be clearly referenced.

Marking of Lab submissions
  • Labs are marked based on a total of 100 marks:
    • Technical Content: 60 marks,
    • Presentation: 20 marks,
    • Code: 20 marks
  • Technical content is about completeness and correctness. Marks are subtracted for incorrect or incomplete work. Description of experiments and explanation of data (graphs) is evaluated as part of the technical content.
  • Presentation evaluates the quality of the report as a professional technical document (in addition to technical content). The evaluation considers, among others, writing (style, grammar, language), formatting, and the quality of produced graphs.
  • Code refers to the submitted source code. Correctness of the code, coding style, and commenting are part of the evaluation.
  • Some labs have work for extra credit (between 5-20 marks, dependent on the effort). Extra credit is added to the total, meaning that marks may exceed 100.
  • Make sure that you submit only your own individual original work.