Admissions Office (AO)
Alumni Hall (AH)
Annesley Hall (AN)
Architecture Building (AR)
Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA)
Bancroft Building (BF)
Banting Institute (BI)
Best Institute (CB)
Birge-Carnegie Library (BC)
Bloor Street West-246 (SK)
Bloor Street West-371 (FE)
Borden Building North (NB)
Borden Building South (SB)
Brennan Hall (BR)
Burwash Hall (BW)
CIUT Radio (CI)
Canadiana Gallery (CG)
Cardinal Flahiff Building (CF)
Carr Hall (CR)
Centre for Medieval Studies (ME)
Clara Benson Building (BN)
Claude T. Bissell Building (BL)
College Street-203 (SY)
College Street-88 (ZC)
College Street-92 (OG)
Convocation Hall (CH)
Cumberland House (CU)
D.L. Pratt Building (PT)
Dentistry Building (DN)
E.J. Pratt Library (PR)
Earth Sciences Centre (ES)
Economics Department (EC)
Edward Johnson Building (EJ)
Elmsley Hall (EH)
Emmanuel College (EM)
Engineering Annex (EA)
F. Norman Hughes Pharmacy Building (PA)
Faculty Club (FC)
Falconer Hall (FH)
Fields Inst for Research in Math Science (FI)
FitzGerald Building (FG)
Flavelle House (LW)
Gage Building (GA)
Galbraith Building (GB)
George Ignatieff Theatre (GI)
Gerald Larkin Building (LA)
Gerstein Science Information Centre (SM)
Graduate House (GD)
Graduate Students' Union (GU)
Hart House (HH)
Haultain Building (HA)
Huron Street-215 (HU)
Huron Street-370 (CA)
Innis College (IN)
Innis College Student Residence (IS)
Institute for Christian Studies (CE)
Institute of Child Study (WR)
J. M. Kelly Library (KL)
J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House (DR)
John P. Robarts Library Building (RL)
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management (RT)
Knox College (KX)
Koffler Institute for Pharmacy Mgmt Bldg (KP)
Koffler Student Services Centre (KS)
Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories (LM)
Loretto College (LC)
Louis B. Stewart Observatory (SAC) (SO)
Macdonald-Mowat House (MM)
Margaret Addison Hall (MG)
Margaret Fletcher Day Care Centre (MF)
Mary Hall (JP)
Massey College (MA)
McCaul Street-254/256 (RM)
McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP)
McMurrich Building (MR)
Mechanical Engineering Building (MC)
Medical Sciences Building (MS)
Mining Building (MB)
Munk Centre for Intl Studies East (MU)
Munk Centre for Intl Studies North (MU)
Munk Centre for Intl Studies South (MU)
New St. Joseph's College (JP)
Northrop Frye Hall (NF)
Nursing Building (NU)
Odette (Louis) Hall (OH)
Old St. Joseph's College (JP)
Ont. Inst. for Studies in Education/UofT (OI)
Physical Geography Building (PG)
Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies (PI)
Ramsay Wright Zoological Laboratories (RW)
Rosebrugh Building (RS)
Rowell Jackman Hall (RJ)
Sandford Fleming Building (SF)
School of Continuing Studies (CS)
School of Graduate Studies (GS)
Sidney Smith Hall (SS)
Simcoe Hall (SI)
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence (SD)
Spadina Ave-713 (SA)
Spadina Avenue-655 (LG)
Spadina Avenue-703 (IA)
Spadina Avenue-720 (FA)
Spadina Crescent-1 (SP)
St. Basil's Church (BS)
St. George Street-121 (IR)
St. George Street-49 (SG)
St. George Street-97 (CL)
St. George Street123 (RE)
St. Hilda's College (HI)
Studio Theatre (GM)
Sussex Avenue-40 (SU)
Sussex Court (SC)
Tanz Neuroscience Building (TZ)
Teefy Hall (TF)
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Building (RB)
Toronto School of Theology (TH)
Trinity College (TC)
University College (UC)
University College Union (UP)
Varsity Arena (VA)
Victoria College (VC)
Wallberg Building (WB)
Warren Stevens Building (WS)
Wetmore Hall-New College (WE)
Whitney Hall (WT)
Wilson Hall New College (WI)
Woodsworth College (WW)
Wycliffe College (WY)
Wymilwood (WM)