Prof. Wei Yu --- Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering --- University of Toronto

ECE1508S: Special Topics in Communications:

Multiuser Information Theory

Spring 2024



Professor Wei Yu

Time: Thursday 10am - 12noon


Location: BA2135

Office: Bahen 4114

First lecture: January 11


Course Description: This course covers the fundamental limits of communications and the coding techniques to achieve these limits when multiple transmitters and receivers interact in a shared communication medium. We aim to provide a comprehensive coverage of known results and main techniques in network information theory. We pay particular attention to optimization techniques in the context of multiuser communication systems.




Text Reference


Jan 11

Asymptotic equipartition (AEP) theorem. Channel capacity. Sphere packing. Coded modulation for the Gaussian channel.

Ch. 2

Ch. 3.1-3.4


Jan 18

Additive white Gaussian noise channel. Gaussian channels with intersymbol interference. Vector Gaussian channel


HW #1

Due Jan 29

Jan 25

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplex. MIMO channel. Water-filling. Fading.

Ch. 23.1-23.3

Ch. 9.1


Feb 1

Multiple-access channel. Iterative water-filling.


Ch. 4

HW #2

Due Feb 9

Feb 8

Degraded broadcast channel. Gaussian vector broadcast channel. Beamforming. Uplink-downlink duality.

Ch. 5


Feb 15

Channel with side information. Writing-on-dirty-paper. Binning.

Ch. 7.6-7.7

Ch. 9.5

HW #3

Due March 3


Study Break


Project proposal

Due Feb 29

Feb 29

Marton’s region for the non-degraded broadcast channel.

Gaussian vector broadcast channel.

Uplink-downlink duality

Ch. 8

Ch. 9.6


March 7

Interference channel. Han-Kobayashi region.

Ch. 6

March 14

Rate-distortion theorem. (online)

Channel with feedback. (online)

Ch. 3.5-3.8

Ch. 17.1

HW #4

Due March 22

March 21

Slepian-Wolf theorem. Wyner-Ziv theorem. CEO problem.

Ch. 10, Ch. 11

Ch. 12

March 28

Relay channel: Decode-and-forward. Cut-set bound.

Ch. 16.1-16.4

HW #5

Due April 8

April 4

Relay channel: Compress-and-forward. Relay networks.

Ch. 16.7


April 18

Project Presentation


Project report

Due April 18


This course is of interests to Ph.D. students in the communications group.

Pre-requisite: A first course in information theory: ECE1502 or equivalent.

Grades:  Homework (50%), Project (50%).


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