Toronto Networking Seminar Series

Fall 2005




Title (click on link for abstract)


Sep 16 2pm
BA 1210
Krishna Gummadi
University of Washington/
Max Planck Institute
Measurement-driven Modeling and Design of Internet-scale Systems
Sep 19
5256 Bahen
Tanya Berger-Wolf 
University of Illinois at  Chicago
A Computational Framework for Analysis of Dynamic Social Networks
Sep 23 3pm
BA 1210
Tara Small
University of Toronto
Modeling Tradeoffs in Intermittent-Connectivity Networks
Oct 7 3pm
BA 1210
Jörg Liebeherr
University of Toronto
An Overlay Approach to Data Security in Ad-Hoc Networks

Oct 14 3pm
BA 1210
Baochun Li
University of Toronto
Maximizing Throughput with Network Coding

Oct 21 3pm
BA 1210
Bill St.Arnaud
Service Oriented Architectures for Research and Education Networks

Oct 28 2pm
BA 1210
Chunming Qiao
SUNY Buffalo
Integrating Optical and Wireless Technologies co-sponsored with Toronto IEEE LEOS chapter
Nov 4 3pm
BA 1210
Admela Jukan
INRS/Université du Quebec, Montreal
Moving Application-Driven Networking into the Optical Layer: A Case for Network Control Plane and Extensible Services-on-Demand
Nov 11 3pm
BA 1210
S. Keshav
University of Waterloo
What's wrong with DTN, and how to fix it
Nov 14
BA 1210
Benny Bing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Broadband Wireless Access - The Next Wireless Revolution [PDF of Talk]
Nov 18 3pm
1210 Bahen
Constantine Dovrolis
Georgia Institute of Technology
Congestion Responsiveness of Internet Traffic, A fresh look at an old problem

Nov 25 3pm
1210 Bahen
Ravi Mazumdar
University of Waterloo
Random mobility models and capacity/delay tradeoffs
in ad hoc networks

Dec 2 3pm
BA 1210
Stephen Patek
University of Virginia

Learning via Correlated Fictitious Play: Identical Interest Games and Decentralized Optimization

Dec 6
BA 1180
Stefan Savage
University of California, San Diego
Scalable Internet Threat Monitoring co-sponsored with DCS Distinguished
Speaker Series