Group Picture (Hong Kong, ISIT 2015) Group Photo at ISIT 2015 in Hong Kong. From Left: Louis Tan, Kaveh Madhaviani, Ahmed Badr, Ashish Khisti, Farrokh Etezadi, Rafid Mahmood, Si-Hyeon Lee.



Ashish Khisti

Bahen Building, Room 4128       

Email: akhisti {\a t}  comm {\d o t} {u t o r o n t o}  {\d o t} ca


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Current Group Members

Dr. Ahmed Badr: PostDoc (PhD: University of Toronto)

Dr. Si-Hyeon Lee: PostDoc (PhD: KAIST)

Louis Tan: PhD Student (MASc: University of Toronto, BASc: Engineering Sciences, U of T)

Kaveh Mahdaviani: PhD Student (MASc: University of Alberta, BSc: Isfahn)

Ray Xiao: MASc Student (BASc: University of Toronto, ECE)

Helena Liu: BASc Student (Engineering Sciences, U of T)

Tiffany Nguyen: BASc Student (Engineering Sciences, U of T)

Group Alumni

Dr. Farrokh Etezadi (PhD: 2010-2015), Present Position: Samsung Research, California

Dr. Ahmed Badr (PhD: 2009 - 2014), Present Position: PostDoc, University of Toronto

Wanyao Zhao (MASc Student: 2013: 2015), Present Position: Bank of China

Rafid Mahmood (MASc Student, 2013-2015), Present Position: PhD Student, MIE Department, University of Toronto

Simon Li (MASc Student, 2013-2015), Present Position: Industry Position, China

Louis Tan (MASC Student, 2010-2012), Present Position: PhD Student, University of Tornto

Devin Lui (MASc Student, 2009-2011), Present Position: Manulife Central, Toronto

James Bailey (MEng Student, 2015)

Dongyee Zhang (MEng Student, 2012)

Prachi Singhal (MEng Student, 2011)