This webpage lists the equipment requirements for the Internet Lab. We recommend to have one set of equipment ("rack") for every 15-20 students. The rack can be placed in a public computer lab (e.g., as used for programming assignments).


Overview of Equipment

The following two tables summarize the equipment needs for a single Internet Lab rack. More details are provided in the Section "Shopping List".

Qty. Equipment
1 19” equipment rack with 3 shelves
4 Cisco Routers (Cisco 2514, 2611, 2611XM, 2621, 2621XM, 2811, 7000, or 7010)
Required: IOS 12.0 or later

4 Ethernet Hubs
4 Linux PCs (Linux 2.4 or later) with 2 Ethernet NICs
1 keyboard, mouse, monitor
1 KVM switch
1 UPS unit (optional)

Qty. Cables
16 Ethernet cables
(CAT5, straight through wiring, RJ45 connectors)
4 crossover cables
(CAT5 cables, crossover wiring, RJ45 connectors)
4 rollover cable
(twisted pair, rollover/nullmodem wiring, RJ45 connectors)
Used as console cable for Cisco routers. Included with new routers.
2 WAN serial cable for Cisco routers
(WIC2/T Smart Serial DTE - DCE Male / Male Crossover)
1 Cable kit for KVM switch<

Comments and Hints

Price Estimates for a Rack ("Shopping List")

The following lists the pricing of a new rack with current equipment. The listed vendors and prices are not endorsements. We don't guarantee the accuracy of the provided data. Older shopping lists for 2600 series routers and 2500 series routers can be found here.

Rack with new Cisco 2811 Routers

Approximate cost US-$ 15,000 (updated in August 2007)
Qty. Equipment Cost

19'' Rack: Company: Milestek
1 Milestek 19" Steel Rack (19"x72")
Part #: 50-70377
~200.00 ~200.00 This is a very basic rack.
1 Milestek  Rack Base Cantilever Support Base
Part #: 50-70119
~100.00 ~100.00
3 Milestek Vented Center-Mount Shelf 2 Rack Space
Part #: 50-70121
~80.00 ~240.00

Cisco Routers:  CDW
4 Cisco 2811 Integrated Services
Part# CISCO2811
Predecessor models of this router are also fine (2611XM, 2611, 2621, 2621XM, 2514).
Any Cisco router with 2 Ethernet LAN ports and at least 1 WIC port is suitable. 
4 2 port Serial WAN Interface Card
Part# WIC-2T
~550.00 ~2000.00

4 PC (min. 2 Ghz, 256 MB RAM,1 USB port ~600.00 ~2400.00  
8 EZ Card 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI Network
~20.00 ~160.00  
1 Monitor,  Keyboard, Mouse ~500.00 ~500.00 17" or 19" monitor is fine.

KVM switch Cables to Go
1 Cables to Go TRULINK 4-Port VGA/USB and PS/2 KVM Switch with Cables
Part #: 35555
~120.00 KVM switch for USB ports and VGA video.

Ethernet Hubs Netgear
4 Netgear DS108 8 PORT 10/100 Mbps Dual Speed Hub ~70.00   ~280.00 Simple (non-buffered) Ethernet hubs are increasingly difficult to find.
Buffered hubs or Ethernet switches will work for all but a few lab exercises.
(see Note)

WAN serial cable for Cisco routers Pro-Link LLC
2 10 ft 26-pin to 26-pin Smart Serial DTE - DCE M/M Crossover cable
Part #: CAB-SS-2626X-10
~70.00 ~140.00

Ethernet cables
16 Straight Ethernet CAT5 Cable with RJ45 connectors (approx. 10ft) ~10.00 160.00
4 Crossover Ethernet CAT5 Cable with RJ45 connectors (approx. 10ft) ~10.00 ~40.00 The crossover and straight cables should have a different color