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Courses at the University of Toronto:

ECE1549: Stochastic Networks (2023 Fall)
ECE361: Computer Networks I (last taught 2022 Fall)
ECE421: Introduction to Machine Learning (last taught 2022 Spring)
ECE355: Signal Analysis and Communications (last taught 2021 Fall)
ECE537: Random Processes (last taught 2014 Fall)
ECE302: Probability and Applications (last taught 2014 Spring)
ECE302: Probability and Random Processes (last taught 2012 Spring)
ECE1528: Special Topics on Data Communications -- Stochastic Networks (last taught 2012 Spring)
ECE1500: Stochastic Processes (last taught 2009 Fall)
ECE351: Probability and Random Processes - EngSci (last taught 2007 Spring)
ECE190: Discrete Mathematics (last taught 2004 Fall)

Courses at Cornell University:

ECE210: Introduction to Circuits (2002 Spring Recitation)
ECE561: Error Control Systems (2001 Fall)

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Last modified August 2023.