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General Questions:

  • What platform is required for HyperCast?
  • Our implementation of HyperCast is done in Java. Use J2SE 1.4.2 or later versions of JAVA to run Hypercast. 
  • How do I run an application program?
    Download Hypercast Core software and follow the instructions in the Readme-ZIP-hypercast file to compile and run a HelloWorld program. 
  • Where can I find an example programs?
    A collection of HelloWorld programs, each using a different feature of HyperCast, is available from here.
  • Where can I find information on configuration files?
    A collection of of configuration files with information how to edit them is available here.
  • Do I need the HyperCast source code to write an application program?
    No. HyperCast source code is needed only when you want to change or extend the HyperCast overlay socket. It is possible to add overlay protocols to HyperCast without requiring access to source code.
  • Where can I get the source code of HyperCast?
    Source code is (or will soon be) available from SourceForge under the Library (or "Lesser") Gnu Public License (LGPL). This is a "relaxed" GNU license that permits linking software into non-free programs.
  • Which version of HyperCast should I use?
    The version available on this website is called Version 3. The overlay socket was first developed in HyperCast 2.0. The first version of HyperCast builds a topology, but does not carry data.

RunControl GUI

  • Exception  "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space".
    Increase the heap size of the JVM by starting Java with "java -mx200m -cp ....".  Here, 200m sets the heap size to 200 MB. Increase the heap size until the error disappears.


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