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HyperCast software is packaged as ZIP files that contain JAR files with Java classes,  additional library files, configuration files, example programs and instructions. 

HyperCast software is maintained at SourceForge. All software can be obtained by browsing  http://sourceforge.net/projects/hypercast/.  Browse the Sourceforge  link for the most recent releases of the software.

Source code can be obtained from the CVS Repository at SourceForge. Sources are also distributed as packaged ZIP files. 

HyperCast (core software)

  • Download ZIP archive: Click here (4.7 MB)
  • Download ZIP archive with sources: Click here (5.8 MB)
  • Download ZIP archive with Javadoc: Click here (0.6 MB)

  • Remarks: 
    • The HyperCast software is contained  in a single JAR file: "hypercast.jar". The BINARY ZIP file contains additionally needed JAR files, a few scripts,  example programs, and a README file.
    • The SOURCE ZIP file also contains the source files and a Makefile.

Monitor and Control

The Monitor and Control  module contains  software for monitoring overlay networks and for starting large overlay networks. 


The Logical Topology Simulator (LoToS)  simulates overlay protocols in a graphical user interface. 

Applications and Tools


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