Toronto Networking Seminar Series 2006-2007

The Toronto Networking Seminar Series is jointly organized by Computer Science and ECE faculty with interest in all aspects of computer networking. The organizers in Spring 2007 were: Stefan Saroiu (, Jorg Liebeherr (, Ben Liang (

Spring 2007



Title (click on link for abstract)

January 5
George Kesidis
Pennsylvania State University
Models and games for file sharing in peer-to-peer systems
February 2 Ivan Stojmenovic
University of Ottawa
Coordination in wireless sensor networks: Topology control for sensor area and communication coverage
February 6
11am, BA5256
Xiaowei Yang
UC Irvine
Source Selectable Path Diversity via Routing Deflections
February 9 Admela Jukan
EMT-INRS,  University of Quebec
A Cross-Layer Analysis of Session Setup Delay in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) with EV-DO Wireless Transmission 
February 16 Martin Karsten
University of Waterloo
An Axiomatic Basis for Communication
March 16 Jörg Liebeherr
University of Toronto
A Min-Plus System Interpretation of Bandwidth Estimation
March 23 Wendi Heinzelman
University of Rochester
Application- and Network-Aware Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks
March 30
Elizabeth Belding
University of California, Santa Barbara
Understanding Congestion and Flash Crowds in WLANS
April 20
2pm, BA 4287
Paul van Oorschot
Carleton University
Scan Detection and Analysis using Exposure Maps and Darkports
May 25
3pm, BA 1220
Victor Leung
University of British Columbia
Accessing Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for Always Best Connected Services
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