The Reading List makes references to draft chapters by the authors (click here) and to a freely available book on TCP/IP protocols ("IBM Redbook" (PDF)).

Topic   Reading
Overview of Labs PPT --
TCP/IP Networking: An Example PPT Chapter 0:Liebeherr: Chapter 0

Review of Important Networking Concepts PPT Chapter 0:Liebeherr/El Zarki
IP addresses PPT Chapter 0:Liebeherr/El Zarki
Data Link Protocols PPT Chapter 2:Liebeherr/El Zarki
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) PPT Chapter 2:Liebeherr/El Zarki
IP Protocol (IP) PPT Chapter 2:Liebeherr/El Zarki
ICMP PPT Chapter 2:Liebeherr/El Zarki
IP Forwarding PPT Chapter 3:Liebeherr/El Zarki
The Internet PPT Chapter 0:Liebeherr/El Zarki
Router Architecture PPT Chapter 3:Liebeherr/El Zarki: Chapter 3
Dynamic Routing Protocols: RIP PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 4.3, 4.4
Dynamic Routing Protocols: OSPF PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 4.6
Interdomain Routing Protocols: BGP< PPT
Transport Protocols and UDP PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 5.1-5.2
TCP I (Connection Management) PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 5.3
TCP II (Flow, Error, and Congestion Control) PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 5
LAN switching PPT Textbook: Page 217, Intro to Part 3 (Page 228), Intro to Part 4 (Page 230), Intro to Part 5 (Page 233), Description of spanning tree protocol in Exercise 5(c) (Pages 236-238)
NAT PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 21.4
DHCP PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 3.5-3.7
Domain Name System PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 8.1-8.2
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) PPT IBM Redbook, Chapter 15
IP Multicasting PPT Chapter 10:Liebeherr/El Zarki.