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What is HyperCast?
HyperCast is software for developing protocols and application programs  for application-layer overlay networks. It  supports a variety of overlay protocols, delivery semantics, and security schemes, and has a monitor and control capability.

What is an overlay socket?
The overlay socket is the main API of HyperCast. An overlay socket is an endpoint of communication in an overlay network. Application programs that create an overlay socket can (1) configure the overlay socket, (2) join and leave an overlay network, (3) send data to or receive data from other applications in the overlay network.


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  • This website publishes the third version (3.0) of HyperCast from 2005. It contains software for downloading, documentation, code examples, publications, related projects, etc.

  • HyperCast software can be used:
    • to write application software for overlay networks.
    • to develop and evaluate self-organizing protocols for overlay networks.
    • to remotely monitor and control remote software systems.

  • HyperCast is designed as a protocol architecture that is - with exception of APIs - implementation and language independent.  However, all implementations available from this site uses Java (version 1.4.x or higher).

    Material on this website is work in progress and  will be added as it becomes available. Some material is in a draft stage.


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