Toronto Networking Seminar Series 2009-2010

The Toronto Networking Seminar Series is jointly organized by Computer Science and ECE faculty with interest in all aspects of computer networking. Unless posted otherwise, the regular seminar time for Fall 2009 is at 2:10-3:00pm in BA1210 of the Bahen Center, 40 St. George Street, on the University of Toronto campus. 

For more information, please contact one of the organizers: Yashar Ganjali (, Baochun Li (, Ben Liang (, Jörg Liebeherr (, Peter Marbach (, Shahrokh Valaee (
Fall 2009 



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August 18
(Tuesday, 2 pm) BA5256
George Giakkoupis
Laboratoire d'Informatique Algorithmique
Navigation in Small-World Graphs with Power-Law Degrees Peter Marbach
September 1
(Tuesday, 10:30 am) BA5256
Don Towsley
University of Massachusetts
Connectivity Properties of Cooperative Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Peter Marbach
September 2
(Wednesday, 2 pm) BA5256
Stratis Ioannidis
Thomson Research Lab
Distributing Content Updates over a Mobile Social Network Peter Marbach
September 18 Gabriel Scalosub
University of Toronto
Buffer Management Algorithms for Streaming Data with Packet Dependencies Jörg Liebeherr
September 25 Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Northwestern University
ISP-Enabled Behavioral Ad Targeting without User Consent (and Beyond) Jörg Liebeherr
October 2 Oliver Waldhorst
University Karlsruhe
The SpoVNet Architecture and its Underlay Abstraction Layer  – Spontaneous Service Provisioning in Heterogeneous Networks Jörg Liebeherr
October 9
(3 pm)
Mehdi Mani
Institut Telecom
Reconciliation of Social Networking and P2P Technology Shahrokh Valaee
October 16 Nicolas Christin
Carnegie Mellon University
Secure or Insure? A Game Theoretic Analysis of Information
Security Games
Jörg Liebeherr
October 20
(Tuesday, 4 pm) BA1180
Ali C. Begen
Cisco Research
Video Transport, Distribution and Quality of Experience (Slides) Ashish Khisti
October 22
(Thursday, 4 pm) BA1210
Yan Chen
Northwestern University
NetShield: Matching with a Large Vulnerability Signature Ruleset
for High Performance Network Defense
Hans-Arno Jacobsen
October 23 Rong Zheng
University of Houston
Object Discovery and Localization in Active Sensing Networks: Theory and Algorithms Ben Liang
October 30
(3 pm)
Matthew C. Valenti
West Virginia University
Communication Theory in the Cloud
Joint event with Toronto Chapter of IEEE ComSoc
Raviraj Adve
November 6 Sheng Zhong
State University of New York at Buffalo
Incentive-Compatible Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Networks Ben Liang
November 13 Armand Makowski
University of Maryland at College Park
Exploring Random Key Graphs! Peter Marbach
November 18
(Wednesday, 2 pm) BA5256
Augustin Chaintreau
Thomson Technology Paris Laboratory
The Age of Impatience: Optimal Replication Schemes for Opportunistic Networks Peter Marbach
November 20 Klara Nahrstedt
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
View-casting: View-based Multi-Source 3D Stream Dissemination and Control for Multi-Party Tele-immersive Environments Baochun Li
November 27 Sharon Goldberg
Microsoft Research
Path-Quality Monitoring in the Presence of Adversaries Jörg Liebeherr

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