Undergraduate Teaching

CodeTitleTerms Taught*
ECE 190Discrete Mathematics03F
ECE 203Discrete Mathematics99S, 00S, 01S, 01F
ECE 302Probability and Applications92S, 92F, 94S, 95S, 96S, 97S, 13F, 20S
ECE 310System and Signal Analysis I (tutorial)94F
ECE 310Linear Systems and Communications98F
ECE 316Communication Systems05F, 06F, 07F, 09S
ECE 363Communication Systems15S, 17S, 18S
ECE 367Matrix Algebra and Optimization19F
ECE 417Digital Communication06S, 07S, 08S, 09S, 10S, 14S, 15S
ECE 418Data Communication99F, 00F, 01F, 02F, 03F
ELE 454Data Communication90S, 91S
* F = first term = fall term; S = second term = winter term

Graduate Teaching

CodeTitleTerms Taught
ECE 1528Coded Modulation92S, 93S, 95S, 96S
ECE 1501Error Control Codes98F, 99F, 01F, 03S, 04S, 06S, 07S, 08F, 12S, 13F, 14F, 15F, 16F, 17F, 19F
ECE 1502Information Theory94S, 94F, 95F, 96F, 99S, 00F, 06S, 09F

Other Teaching

CodeTitleTerms Taught
ECE 1724Communication Systems II (continuing education)90F, 91S
ECE 1801Telecommunication Networks (M.Eng. in Telecommunications Program)98F, 99F, 00F
NEPNetwork Engineering Program, modules in Cryptography, Internet, Digital Transmission, Error-Control Coding, Baseband Transmission—Channel Impairments, Baseband Transmission—Partial Response Signaling, Digital Carrier Modulation91S, 92S, 93S, 95S
SC 390Introduction to Forward Error Correction (4-hour short course delivered at the Optical Fiber Communication conference13, 14, 15, 16, 17
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