Group Members

Frank R. KschischangDistinguished Professor of Digital CommunicationDigital communication, coding theory, information theory and applications.
Qun ZhangPostdoctoral FellowFibre-optic communications, solitons, information theory.
Masoud BarakatainPh.D. CandidateInformation theory, channel coding, coded modulation, energy-efficient communications, fiber-optic communications.
Reza RafiePh.D. CandidateFibre-optic communications, coding and information theory, projective geometry.
Amir TasbihiPh.D. CandidateInformation theory, channel coding, optical communication.
Susanna RumseyPh.D. CandidateMemristor arrays, RRAM, lattice coding, Minkowski-Hlawka theorem, Voronoi cells.
Saber RahbarfamPh.D. CandidateFiber-optic communications, nonlinear optics, information theory, quantum information, algebra
Alvin SukmadjiPh.D. CandidateCoding theory, information theory, machine learning.
Mohannad ShehadehM.A.Sc. CandidateDigital communication, coding theory, information theory.


Former Postdoctoral Fellows*

* excluding former doctoral students

  1. Umberto Martínez-Peñas, Feb. 2018–Dec. 2019.
  2. Alberto Ravagnani, Oct. 2016–Aug. 2017. (Now with the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.)
  3. Christian Senger, May 2013–Oct. 2015. (Now with University of Stuttgart.)
  4. Felice Manganiello, Sep. 2011 – Aug. 2013. (Now with Clemson University.)
  5. Karen Su, Jan. 2006 – Oct. 2007
  6. Guang-Chong Zhu, Sep. 2003 – Feb. 2005. (Now with Lawrence Technological University.)
  7. Stark Draper, Sep. 2002 – Apr. 2004. (Now with University of Toronto.)
  8. Terence Chan, Feb. 2002 – Jun. 2004. (Now with University of South Australia.)
  9. Ali Miri, Jan. 2000 – Jun. 2001. (Now with Ryerson University.)
  10. Amir Banihashemi, Sep. 1997 – Jun. 1998. (Now with Carleton University.)

Former Doctoral Students

  1. Lei Zhang, Analysis and Design of Staircase Codes for High Bit-rate Fibre-Optic Communication, Sep. 2011 – Jan. 2017. Now a Research Fellow at OpenAI.
  2. Christopher Blake, Energy Consumption of Error Control Coding Circuits,Sep. 2011 – Dec. 2016. Now with Borealis AI, after continuing as a postdoctoral fellow in the group.
  3. Siddarth Hari, Fiber-optic Communication using Discrete Spectral Modulation, Sep. 2010 – Jun. 2016. (Now with McKinsey and Company.)
  4. Siyu Liu, Generalized Skew Reed-Solomon Codes and Other Applications of Skew Polynomial Evaluation, Sep. 2010–Apr. 2016.
  5. Chunpo Pan, Code-aided Expectation-maximization and Probabilistic Constellation Shaping for Fiber-optic Communication Systems, Sep. 2010–Mar. 2016. (Now with Ciena Corp., Kanata, ON.)
  6. Chen Feng, An Algebraic Approach to Physical-Layer Network Coding, Sep. 2008 – Jul. 2014. (Now with The University of British Columbia—Okanagan)
  7. Mansoor Isvand Yousefi, Information Transmission using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform, Jan. 2007 – Oct. 2012. (Now with Telecom ParisTech University, France.)
  8. Benjamin Smith, Error-Correcting Codes for Fibre-Optic Communication Systems, Sep. 2006 – Sept. 2011. (Now with Inphi Corp., Kanata, ON.)
  9. Danilo Silva, Error Control for Network Coding, Sep. 2005 – Jul. 2009. (Now with the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.)
  10. Ahmad Darabiha, VLSI Architectures for Multi-Gbps Low-Density Parity-Check Decoders, Sep. 2003 – Feb. 2008. (Now with Broadcom Limited, Irvine, CA.)
  11. Vladimir Pechenkin, Run-length Limited Coding for High-Speed Long-Haul Optical Transmission Systems, graduated Feb. 2007. (Now with Spartan Controls, Edmonton, AB.)
  12. Masoud Ardakani, Efficient Analysis, Design and Decoding of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes, graduated Sep. 2004. (Now with the University of Alberta.)
  13. Sujit Sen, Singular Value Decomposition Techniques for Multiuser Detection Receivers, graduated Sep. 2004.
  14. Andrew W. Eckford, Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Gilbert-Elliott and Markov-Modulated Channels graduated Jan. 2004. (Now with York University.)
  15. Warren J. Gross, Implementation of Algebraic Soft-Decision Reed-Solomon Decoders graduated Aug. 2003. (Now with McGill University.)
  16. Yongyi Mao, A Duality Theory for Factor Graphs, graduated Aug. 2003. (Now with the University of Ottawa.)
  17. Steve Hranilovic, Spectrally Efficient Signalling for Wireless Optical Intensity Channels graduated Jul. 2003. (Now with McMaster University.)
  18. Tooraj Esmailian, Multi Megabit per Second Data Transmission over In-building Power Lines graduated Sep. 2002. (Now with Broadcom Limited, Irvine, CA.)
  19. Vladislav Sorokine, Gallager Codes for CDMA Applications, graduated Sep. 1997. (Now with Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, CA.)
  20. Masoud Sajadieh, Efficient Layered Transmission Techniques for Radio Channels graduated Jul. 1996. (Now with Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA.)

Former Master's Students

  1. Alvin Sukmadji, Zipper Codes: High-rate Spatially Coupled Codes with Algebraic Component Codes, graduated Dec. 2019.
  2. Bo Lian, Performance and Decoding Complexity Analysis of Short Binary Codes, graduated July 2019.
  3. Susanna Rumsey, Capacity Considerations for Data Storage in Memristor Arrays, graduated Jan. 2019.
  4. Chu Pang, Generalized Degrees of Freedom for Gaussian Interference Channels with Discrete Constellations, graduated May 2012
  5. Lei Zhang, Multi-edge Low-density Parity-check Coded Modulation, graduated May 2011.
  6. Chunpo Pan, A Differential Polarization-time Coding Scheme for Polarization-division-multiplexed Fiber-optic Communication Systems, graduated Aug. 2009.
  7. Sarah Lyons, Two-dimensional Barcodes for Mobile Phones, graduated Aug. 2009.
  8. Siyu Liu, Improved Coding Techniques for MPPM-like Systems, graduated Sep. 2009.
  9. Azadeh Khaleghi, Projective Space Codes for the Injection Metric, graduated Sep. 2009. (Now with Lancaster University.)
  10. Anton Brjozovski, Error control in network coding: theoretical and practical considerations for efficient implementation, graduated Sep. 2008.
  11. Gavin Mitchell, A Low-compexity High-efficiency Constellation Design for the Noncoherent MIMO Channel, graduated Sep. 2008.
  12. Hin Lun Lee, Capacity Estimation and Characterization of a 2D Barcode Channel, Jul. 2008.
  13. Benjamin Smith, Performance/Complexity Tradeoffs in the Decoding of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes graduated Jun. 2006.
  14. Wendy Cheung, Creating A Sea of Information Droplets for Cooperative Content Distribution, graduated Jun. 2006.
  15. Moshe Good, Incremental Redundancy via Check-Splitting, graduated Jun. 2006.
  16. Saurabh Gupta, Granite Codes: a new two-dimensional barcode symbology, graduated Sep. 2006.
  17. Aaron Meyers, Coding and Modulation for Pixelated Optical Transmission, graduated May 2004.
  18. Alan Pak-Tao Lau, Optimal Feedback Quantization Schemes for Multiuser Diversity Systems graduated Apr. 2004.
  19. Simon Foo, Convolutional Codes on Cayley Graphs graduated Jul. 2002.
  20. Ejaz Jameer, Low Rate Repeat-Accumulate and Unit Memory Codes graduated Feb. 2002.
  21. Eun-Young Christina Park, New Decoding Algorithms for Regular Low-Density Parity-Check Codes graduated Jan. 2002.
  22. Francis Syms, Adaptive Turbo-Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation for Wireless Channels graduated Jun. 2001.
  23. Jeff Castura, Performance Analysis and Optimization of Reduced Complexity Low Density Parity Check Decoding Algorithms, graduated May 1999.
  24. Steve Hranilovic, Modulation and Constrained Coding Techniques for Wireless Infrared Communication Channels, graduated Oct. 1999.
  25. Ramesh Mantha, Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Schemes Using Turbo Codes and Low Density Parity Check Codes, graduated Oct. 1999.
  26. Hamid Mahvidi, Performance of Latency Constrained Turbo-Like Codes over Correlated Fading Channels, graduated Dec. 1999.
  27. Amir Meidan, Linear-Time Encodable Low-Density Parity-Check Codes, graduated Sep. 1997.
  28. Pierre-Paul Sauvé, Multibit Decoding of Turbo Codes, graduated Oct. 1998.
  29. Aryn Pyke, Extrapolation of Wideband Speech from the Telephone Band, graduated 1997.
  30. Sabeena Abdulmajeed, Analysis of QAM Schemes in a CCI-Limited Environment, graduated 1997.
  31. Tilaye Terrefe, Digital Video Compression for Software-based Real-time Applications, graduated 1997.
  32. Ryan Chi-Kong Lee, Non-minimal Trellises for Linear Block Codes, graduated May 1996.
  33. Song Zhang, Design of Linear Block Codes with Fixed State Complexity, graduated Mar. 1996.
  34. Vincent Kwok, Polar-Lattice Quantization graduated Apr. 1995.
  35. Mourad Atassi, A Hadamard Transform Approach to Coded Modulation with Spectral Nulls, graduated Sep. 1994.
  36. Henry Hon Hung Leung, Trellis Structure and Decoding of Lattices, graduated May 1994.
  37. Andy Lau, A Concatenated Reed-Solomon-Encoded PSK System for Rayleigh Fading Channels, graduated Apr. 1994.
  38. Stephen Ho, DSP Implementation of a Soft-Decision Decoding Algorithm for Block Codes, Jan. 1994.
  39. Vladislav Sorokine, Trellis Structure and Decoding of Group Block Codes, graduated Mar. 1993.
  40. Wing-Man Lee, Complexity and Performance Analysis of Suboptimal Decoders for Multilevel Block Codes, graduated Feb. 1993.

Former Visiting Students

  1. Umberto Martinez Peñas, Nov. 2016 – Mar. 2017 (visiting from Aalborg University, Denmark).
  2. Netanel Raviv, May 2016 – Aug. 2016 (visiting from the Technion, Israel).
  3. Joschi Brauchle, Oct. – Dec., 2013 (visiting from the Technical University of Munich).
  4. François Leduc-Primeau, short visits in 2013, 2014 (visiting from McGill University).
  5. Roberto Nobrega, Sep. 2011 – Aug. 2012 (visiting from Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil).
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