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Signals Multimedia and Security Laboratory

Our research group targets applications in machine learning, real-time streaming communication systems and physical layer security. Our focus is on developing fundamental limits of algorithms and architectures for various applications.

The research group is headed by Ashish Khisti, in the Communications Group at the University of Toronto.

Contact Information


Ashish Khisti,

Professor, ECE Department

Faculty Affiliate, Vector Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Telephone: 416-978-7215

Bahen Building, Room 4128       

Email: akhisti {\a t}  comm {\d o t} {u t o r o n t o}  {\d o t} ca


Please click here for more information  about Prof. Khisti

Recent News

Student Awards

Truong Buu Phan received the Ontario Graduate Scholarshop

Joao Atz Dick recieved the Vector AI Scholarship

Vector Institute Affiliation

Prof. Khisti was selected to be a faculty affiliate with the Vector Institute

Distinguished Lecturer

Prof. Khisti is a distinguished lecturer for the IEEE Information Theory Society

ICML 2023 Paper

Check our ICML 2023  Paper on Lossless Compression of Graphs

ICLR 2023 Paper

Check our ICLR 2023  Paper on Sequential Gradient Coding

ICLR 2022 Paper

Check our ICLR 2022  Paper on lossy compression and optimal transport

Best Paper Award (December 2021)!

Our work received a best paper award at the NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Deep Generative Models and Downstream Applications

A longer version of this paper has been accepted for an Oral presentation at the Data Compression Conference (2022)

NeurIPS 2021 Papers

We have two papers in the main conference at NeurIPS 2021
1. Universal Rate-Distortion-Perception Representations for Lossy Compression
2. Variational Model Inversion Attacks

ICML 2021 Paper

Check out our ICML 2021 paper on bits-back coding!

NeurIPS 2020 Paper

Check out our 2020 NeurIPS paper on Coded Computing!

New Course
New CFPs
Slides from ESC301 Seminar
ISIT RoundTable (Navigating the Tenure Track)
Banff Workshop (Oct. 2015)
ISIT Group Visit (Jun 2015)
Invited Talk (Simons Institute, Feb 2015)
Invited Talks (ITA, Feb 2015)
Congratulations Farrokh Etezadi!
Lab Welcomes New Members!
We look forward to intersting collaborations!
Congratulations Ahmed Badr!
Panel Discussion at NASIT 2014
IEEE CNS Workshop on Physical Layer Methods for Wireless Security will be held on October 29th 2014, San Francisco, CA
Banff Workshop Announcement
Invited Paper (CISS 2014)
Invited Talk (ITA, 2014)
Best Student Paper Award (Asilomar, Nov. 2013)
INFOCOM 2014 Workshop Announcement
We are organizing a workshop on Communications and Networking Techniques for Contemporary Video at the INFOCOM 2014 Conference, to be held in Toronto between April 27, 2014 to May 2nd 2014. Please consider submitting a paper!
Guest Lecture -- IPSI (Nov 2013)

Professor Khisti delivered a guest lecture at the IPSI Weekly Seminar . "Information Theoretic Security: Fundamentals and Applications" [Slides]

Invited Talk --- U of T Networking Symposium (Nov 2013)

Prof. Khisti will present an invited talk at the U of T Networking Symposium, Sponsored by HP Networking. [See Press Release ]

Invited Talk - Montreal (Nov. 2013)

Prof. Khisti will present an invited talk at the workshop on Workshop on Sequential and Adaptive Information Theory. [slides ] in Montreal, Canada.

Invited Talk - ITW (Sep. 2013)

Prof. Khisti will present an invited talk at ITW (Seville, Spain) on "Source Broadcasting over Erasure Channels: Distortion Bounds and Code Design" [slides]

Invited Talk - Qualcomm (Feb. 2013)

Prof. Khisti presented an invited talk at Qualcomm - Coroporate R&D (San Diego) on "A Fresh Look at Wireless Security and Multimedia" [ slides]

Invited Talk - ITA (Feb. 2013)

Prof. Khisti presented an invited talk at ITA on Secret-Key Generation from Channel Reciprocity: A Separation Approach. [ slides]

Invited Talk - DIMACS Workshop on Information Theoretic Network Security

Prof. Khisti will be presented an invited talk at DIMACS workshop on Information Theoretic Network Security held at Rutgers University, NJ, between Nov 12-14, 2012 slides ]

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF-NPRP) Award

Prof. Khisti is a co-recepient of the QNRF-NPRP award (2012-2015) for research in physical layer techniques for data security. This project is in collaboration with KAUST and Texas A&M (Qatar)

Hewlett-Packard Innovation Research Award

Prof. Khisti has been awarded an HP-IRP award (2011, 2012 (renewed)) Link for research on Delay-Sensitive Error Correction Codes

Ontario Early Researcher Award

Prof. Khisti is a recepient of the Early Researcher Award (2012) by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. This award is made to select researchers in the early stages of their career.

Associate Editorship

Prof. Khisti will be serving as the AE (Information Theory and Physical Layer Security, 2012-2015) for IEEE Transactions on Communications. Please do consider submitting papers in the above areas to this flagship journal of IEEE Comm. Society

Globecom 2011 Workshop (Nov 2011)

We are organizing a Physical Layer Security Workshop at Globecom 2011 Click Here for More Information

Workshop - Interactive Information Theory

We are organizing a workshop on Interactive Information Theory at Banff Research Center in January 2012 Click here for more information

Please click here for more information  about Prof. Khisti